Dorothy Day House – October 2019 Update

LINK901 members hosted a baby shower/lunch for Kaden’s mom on September 6th.

We are having fun working with Dorothy Day House to make life for the families there a little easier.  So far, we have joined them for dinner at their house and we have hosted a baby shower.  Holidays are around the corner (several of them) and they are asking for more support.  Here are two things they are asking from LINK901.

PUMPKIN PATCH – LINK901 is donating $150 from the dues money

They are taking the families as well as the staff of the homes to Cedar Hills Farm to have fun at the pumpkin patch there.  For any of you who have not been, you should take a trip this year. It is fun! I’m also going to order some paint, stickers, and carving kits for the kids to have fun with their pumpkins.  I’ll have that sent to the house for them to share.

HALLOWEEN – LINK901 is donating pizzas and drinks. 

They are also having a Halloween party for the families. They have also asked if we have any costumes we can donate for the kids. I know this is a fun time for kids to wear awesome costumes and get loaded up on candy.

After all of our work finding a cause that is meaningful for everyone, we have really found a great match.  This organization touches on mentorship, children, women, families, homelessness, hunger, and so much more.  I would love for everyone to get involved and be able to see the impact we are already making on these lives.  Tears of gratitude and happiness were shed at the baby shower.  These parents are working hard to get back on their feet.  These kids are just as innocent and fun loving as any of our kids.  To them, this is a cool house they are living in with their families.  I’m excited for all of the possibilities to come from this work!