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Diana Crenshaw

BIOGRAPHY: Being a native of Little Rock, Arkansas and having grown up with a dad who was former Navy, we moved around to different parts of the country. Having experienced living in five different states, I had the opportunity to enjoy some of the beautiful countryside! I found myself in Memphis, TN right out of high school and attended the University of Memphis to get my bachelor’s degree in May 1992. After college, I married my sweetheart, Scott, and we have been married for 27 years. We have two grown children, a daughter Alexa and a son Britton. I found myself wanting more experiences of seeing different parts of the country and my love for travel developed. I have now been in the leisure travel industry for 4.5 years. I have had multiple on-line trainings, been involved with romance travel and I am a certified destination wedding planner with IADWP as well visited over 10 Caribbean countries with valuable first-hand knowledge.

DESCRIPTION OF WHAT YOU DO: Specializing in leisure travel for romance destinations/ destination weddings

SIDE HUSTLE: Day of Wedding Coordinator

WHAT IS YOUR BEST ELEVATOR PITCH: Hi, my name is Diana Crenshaw, and I am a leisure travel consultant, specializing in Caribbean, where I design romantic getaways for those special occasions. With a little romance, rest and recharge time, we can customize the perfect itinerary for you, so you can have that amazing adventure and check it off your bucket list. Just remember, life is a journey… be adventurous!

WHAT IS YOUR WHY FOR WHAT YOU DO: I found myself wanting to see more of the world, and having poured myself into my kids’ lives, I realized as my oldest was about to graduate high school, that I wanted to do something for myself. I had a friend who had begun her own travel agency and I decided to join her and discover romantic destinations I had only dreamed of. I have been working in the industry now for 4.5 years and love getting to share my experiences with friends and clients. I enjoy having the knowledge to help with the planning of customized options for my client’s getaway.

WHAT SETS YOU APART FROM OTHER PEOPLE IN YOUR INDUSTRY: My service and reliability to my clients sets me apart, especially if they are in need of answers and solutions to their travel requests. We can customize the perfect getaway to compliment what they want out of their vacation. With my expertise knowledge, I can help save the client time and money.