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Erin Shea

BIOGRAPHY: I’m a Civil Litigation Attorney with Snider & Horner, PLLC. I handle a wide variety of civil cases, including personal injury, premises liability, wrongful death, business disputes, contracts, collections, and consumer cases. I also run an at-home makeup and skincare business through LimeLife by Alcone and teach other women to do the same. B.B.A., Magna Cum Laude, Business Management (major); Finance and Economics (minor) from Lambuth University (2001) J.D., Magna Cum Laude, Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law at the University of Memphis (2004)

SIDE HUSTLE: LimeLife by Alcone

WHAT IS YOUR BEST ELEVATOR PITCH: Legal – I am a civil litigation attorney and I help people resolve legal issues and insurance claims, including personal injuries, business disputes, and consumer claims. Makeup – I’m an independent Beauty Guide and Recruiter with LimeLife by Alcone and I help women simplify their makeup and skincare routines and teach other women how to build their own at-home businesses doing the same.

WHAT IS YOUR WHY FOR WHAT YOU DO: My kids are my #1 motivator for the work that I do. I want to provide them with everything they need in life and more, and I want them to see the value in getting a good education, working hard, running a business, developing relationships, and being of service to others. Through my job as an attorney, I am able to help people navigate the legal system and support them through some of the most difficult times in their lives. Through my makeup and skincare business, I am able to bring in additional income to my family by doing something fun that does not feel like work with an amazing group of positive, supportive women. My beauty business is not just about makeup: it is about relationships and helping women to be, look, and feel their best and to help them see their own beauty and value.

WHAT SETS YOU APART FROM OTHER PEOPLE IN YOUR INDUSTRY: I am not stiff, boring, fake, or sales. I let my real personality (and my country accent!) shine through and I try to be a person who other people feel comfortable and at ease around. I am compassionate. I tell people the truth whether they want to hear it or not and whether it benefits me or not. Many times I probably talk myself out of new cases and fees in my legal work. The same is true in my makeup business. In my makeup business, I do not pressure or ask people to buy things from me. I want people to feel comfortable reaching out to me. The other thing that sets me apart is my customer service!