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Karen Eskin


BIOGRAPHY: Karen earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and her Master of Business Administration degree both from the University of Florida. She worked as a research chemist, a teacher, and a business manager for a large medical practice before deciding she needed a more creative outlet. Her love for organization and the unique challenges that individuals face in their everyday lives, trying to stay on top of so many responsibilities, enticed her to start her own organizing business. She is very involved with Le Bonheur Club, serving as President in the past, and is the current President of National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals Memphis Chapter.

DESCRIPTION OF WHAT YOU DO: Professional Organizing Services – Residential, Business Productivity, and Relocation

WHAT IS YOUR BEST ELEVATOR PITCH: My goal is to help clients control the chaos in their lives and bring order to their world.

WHAT IS YOUR WHY FOR WHAT YOU DO: I want people to feel good about their surroundings and have more time to do the things they love!

WHAT SETS YOU APART FROM OTHER PEOPLE IN YOUR INDUSTRY: I understand that we aren’t all wired the same and face unique challenges. I creatively implement systems that work with how you live so you can stay organized long after we’ve finished working together.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF BEING A MEMBER OF LINK: Meeting new people and making connections.

WHAT DO YOU HOPE TO GIVE OR RECEIVE AS A MEMBER OF LINK: I want to learn from others and am happy to share my knowledge of organizing.

WHAT IS THE BEST BUSINESS ADVICE YOU WOULD GIVE TODAY TO YOUR YOUNGER SELF: Always be looking forward and make the changes you need to make as soon as they are apparent. Don’t wait!

WHO WOULD BE INVITED TO YOUR DREAM DINNER PARTY AND WHY: Martha Stewart for obvious reasons! I’d love to learn how to make the everyday – from crafts to cooking to decorating and of course organizing – look effortless.

WHAT IS SOMETHING THAT PEOPLE WOULD BE SURPRISED TO LEARN ABOUT YOU: I love international travel and try to do at least one big trip a year.