Samantha Green

DESCRIPTION OF WHAT YOU DO: Manage production and sales

WHAT IS YOUR BEST ELEVATOR PITCH: Lilee’s is a five generation farm fresh bakery. We grow our zucchini breads and muffins all natural.

WHAT IS YOUR WHY FOR WHAT YOU DO: WE love providing a product that is all natural. Lilee’s is free from artificial color, preservatives, and pork byproduct.

WHAT SETS YOU APART FROM OTHER PEOPLE IN YOUR INDUSTRY: We are a farm based bakery. Created an added value product which provides a healthier choice.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF BEING A MEMBER OF LINK: Enjoying the support from other women owned businesses.

WHAT IS THE BEST BUSINESS ADVICE YOU WOULD GIVE TODAY TO YOUR YOUNGER SELF: Have a mentor from the beginning of your venture to help eliminate some mistakes.

WHAT IS SOMETHING THAT PEOPLE WOULD BE SURPRISED TO LEARN ABOUT YOU: I love cycling or spin classes on a regular basis.