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Shanna Naumann Coleman

BIOGRAPHY: I started my career in sales with a start up out of Texas selling media in 1990. I worked my way up the ladder and was a VP of Sales with the organization in just six years. In 1998 that company was acquired by Cox Communications and I transitioned into the organization as a VP/GM. I led several market acquisitions and market start ups in those years both for CableTime and Cox. In 2001, I moved to New Orleans to oversee the Louisiana markets for Cox. I remained with Cox until 2007, focused on restructuring and advancing the organization. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina changed my perspective on the importance of work/life balance, and I chose to step away from my leadership responsibilities at Cox. In 2007, I started my own consulting business and enjoyed great success. As a consultant, I worked with small to medium sized businesses, helping business owners and leaders identify issues relating to people and processes, then helped solve these problems and/ or recruit talent. In 2016, I moved to Memphis after marrying a Memphian and joined Vaco, bringing a new specialty practice to the organization. Now I do both business consulting and Executive Recruiting for Memphis based companies.

DESCRIPTION OF WHAT YOU DO: I work for clients to identify staffing needs within their organization and then help find the perfect talent. I specialize in Executive level positions mostly but also help with Management and Director level roles in HR, Marketing, Sales, Operations to name a few.

SIDE HUSTLE: I am a Rodan & Fields consultant. I have worked with the company for eight years and LOVE sharing information about the products and the business with women interested in great skin or a ‘side hustle’.

WHAT IS YOUR BEST ELEVATOR PITCH: I am a business consultant who is passionate about people, and enjoys solving problems.

WHAT IS YOUR WHY FOR WHAT YOU DO: I love helping people. Whether it’s helping people get great skincare that works and transforms their skin with my ‘side hustle’ or if it’s helping business owners or leaders solve pressing business issues, it gets me excited.

WHAT SETS YOU APART FROM OTHER PEOPLE IN YOUR INDUSTRY: I pride myself on being a great listener. I try to solve problems, not sell you. I feel passionate about being a trusted and valuable partner.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF BEING A MEMBER OF LINK: The networking with the caliber of women has been a welcomed piece. I also have enjoyed the guest speakers.

WHAT DO YOU HOPE TO GIVE OR RECEIVE AS A MEMBER OF LINK: I enjoy the information exchange, mentoring, and making great friends.

WHAT IS THE BEST BUSINESS ADVICE YOU WOULD GIVE TODAY TO YOUR YOUNGER SELF: Surround yourself with strong women you can trust and who can ‘straighten’ your crown when needed. It is important to build a career, but it’s also to have a balance and keep perspective. Finally, I would also remind myself that it is ok to say no sometimes. You don’t need a superhero cape.

WHO WOULD BE INVITED TO YOUR DREAM DINNER PARTY AND WHY: I was a big fan of strong women as a young girl. (I am showing my age with this answer). I read everything I could find on each of these women. It had a lot to do with my desire to do what was never expected of girls when I was young. Those at the table would be: Eleanor Roosevelt, Babe Didrikson, Amelia Earhart, Katherine Hepburn, and Barbara Bush. Each of these women were strong, independent and did things most women never dreamed of doing, and they did it with ease and sophistication.

WHAT IS SOMETHING THAT PEOPLE WOULD BE SURPRISED TO LEARN ABOUT YOU: I am an old-fashioned girl who still believes in a man being the head of the household. Although I pride myself on being a strong woman, I expect my husband to be even stronger. I don’t believe in being subservient, but I do believe if your husband is a God-fearing man, he will lead the household with you in mind.