October Lunch and Learn with Dr. LaTina Epps Thomas

We had an amazing Lunch and Learn yesterday with Dr. LaTina Epps Thomas.  I think she inspired the room to learn more, get healthy, and destress. You guys, it was so good that we convinced her to come have a follow up lunch and learn.  She is open to a topic of our choosing. We tossed around the idea of natural vs synthetic…  Please let me know your thoughts and we will get something planned.

My major take-aways that I would like to apply for my family:

  • I want to buy her book – The Health Coach Collective (she will have it at our November meeting)
  • Superwoman is a myth. She may save lives and look good in tights but she never had to go to the grocery store.
  • ‘Far more is caught than is taught’ – While we busy ourselves and pile more than we can handle on our shoulders, little eyes are watching and will mimic our behavior when they grow.
  • Be ok with how you are feeling. Don’t judge yourself or others for the feelings you or they have.
  • Youtube a breathing exercise (4-7-8 breathing) and practice it daily.
  • Just because it says natural doesn’t mean it is natural with what you thought you were buying.
  • Be unapologetic, set boundaries, find what makes me happy, and find relationships that help me through life.

Dr. LaTina Epps Thomas included this in her email:

Thank you, ladies, for inviting me to be a presenter today. Many of you requested more information about the products we discussed and where you could get them. Here is a recap. 

~doTERRA Essential Oils we talked about: 

1. On Guard – antibacterial purifies the air, boosts the immune system, can be ingested, can be used as a fruit and veggie wash, can be used for cleaning windows, toilets, hand sanitizing, etc 

2.Grapefruit- detoxing, diabetic, metabolism-boosting, chemical constituents are what Prozac was modeled after. 

3. Lavender for relaxing and sleeping, antibacterial, great for burns

4.Wild Orange and Peppermint were in the diffuser – great for focus, energy, happy mood. (Peppermint – great for headaches and hot flashes as well)

– Dr. LaTina Epps Thomas

Thanks for all who attended and thanks to Independent Bank for providing lunch and hosting us in their beautiful office!  Thank you Casey!

Find Dr. LaTina Epps Thomas on Instagram here.